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Newsletter 115 March 12

Oceanic Expeditions continues to explore the waters around Panama for various Spanish Galleon Shipwreck remains. A new find in 648 feet of water (108 Fathoms) has brought up in a fishing net a piece of Chinese porcelain along with amphora and a piece of the ship's wooden hull. The location has been documented. Oceanic plans a to do an extensive side scan sonar survey with there new SeaBat Multibeam Echo sounder,  followed by a ROV reconnaissance of the site.

 A new sponsor to Oceanic Expeditions is Body Glove, now all divers shall be wearing ECO wetsuits made from non-petroleum based, lime stone calcium carbonate. Many thanks to Jenna Meistrell, Body Glove’s “Smarter, Greener and Cleaner” choices were tha basis for our ecological product acquisition decisions.